Why Does Copying Take So Long On PS4? Causes And Fixes

Why Does Copying Take So Long on PS4

Do you know the feeling of frustration when you have to wait for a software update to copy on your PS4? Enduring an interminable process like this can make you feel unproductive and yearning for an opportunity to get involved. This article explores the reasons behind slow copying times on the PS4 and potential solutions for a quicker process. Let’s shed some light on why copying is taking forever in your PS4

Understanding the Copying Process On PS4

Prior to investigating factors that affect its timing, we should get acquainted with how PS4 copying works. Games downloaded or installed on your console require the creation of an exact duplicate which is saved in a unique location. To ensure the safety and smoothness of installation process we must create this necessary backup

Factors Affecting Copying Time On PS4

Copying files on the PS4 is a lengthy process due to different factors involved:

Disk Usage And Fragmentation

The primary factor that influences copying time is the disk space that is available on your Playstation 4. If there isn’t enough free disk space on your console then the copying process would take more time searching for a block of continuous memory for the allocation of new data. In addition to this point , disk fragmentation is another factor which contributes in slowing down the copying process as files are scattered over a wide range of physical locations on the hard drive

File Size And Number Of Files

When copying files, the duration can be significantly impacted by how many files there are and what their sizes are. Copies of larger sized files like complex game data containing high resolution textures and large system updates generally require more time to complete. Just as copying a multitude of game add-ons or DLCs prolongs the duration of the transfer so too does having large numbers of files

Network Connection Speed

Your copying time may increase if you’re downloading games or updates directly from the PlayStation Network (PSN) on an unstable internet connection. The reason behind prolonged copying times can be attributed to slow download speeds along with issues like network congestion and a weak wireless signal.

External Storage Devices

The preferred method of increasing the storage capacity on a PS4 seems to be by connecting an external hard drive, however, external storage devices offer more room for game installations and updates but could result in bottlenecking during the copying process. Choosing a high-quality external hard drive that offers speedy performance along with a USB 3.0 connection can greatly affect your overall copying speeds.

System Software Updates

By regularly releasing system software updates for the PS4, Sony focuses on enhancing its performance, functionality, and security. On occasion, updating may cause games and updates to take longer to copy. Ensuring file integrity and confirming compatibility with new software updates are key reasons why copying processes take time

Tips To Speed Up Copying On PS4

While it may not be possible for you to have full control over all of the underlying factors affecting copying time on your PS4 game console’s system, taking certain steps can still potentially expedite this process. Follow these useful tips to make copying on your PS4 quicker:

Clearing Disk Space And Defragmentation

In order to optimize the speed at which data is copied onto your PS4’s internal hard drive, it is important to have sufficient free space. Therefore, get rid of unused games and applications along with old videos to create additional room. Besides that , defragging the hard drive contributes towards better file organization which results in shorter copying times

Organizing Files And Folders

The organization of your game files and apps into folders will enhance the efficiency of the copying process, and when you combine games with updates and add-ons together it makes it simpler for systems to locate necessary data much faster.

Using A Wired Network Connection

Connecting your PS4 to the internet through a wired Ethernet connection is preferred over relying on Wi-Fi whenever possible as faster and more stable data transfer speeds are usually available with a wired network which reduces the amount of time it takes to download or copy games and updates.

Upgrading The Internal Hard Drive

Upgrading the internal hard drive of your PS4 could help solve frequent instances of slow copying time caused by limited disk space. Additionally, upgrading to a larger-capacity hard drive or switching to an SSD can lead to reduced copying times and better overall system performance.

Alternative Methods For Transferring Data

In addition to the standard copy-paste method for file transfer, the PS4 grants more ways of moving files between different consoles and storage devices. Sharing game saves or moving all your data from old console is easier done using these useful methods. In addition to the aforementioned data transfer options there are a few others:

Using An Ethernet Cable

With the aid of an ethernet cable connection it is possible for you to transfer data between your own two PS4 consoles In comparison to other wireless options available this method provides quicker and more reliable data transfer rates.

Cloud Storage Services

PlayStation Plus members can take advantage of the cloud storage service enabling them to upload their save files and data, and different consoles can exchange and access information effortlessly with this functionality.

External Hard Drive Transfer

An external hard drive is available for use in transferring all of your games and apps when moving to a new PS4 console. Connect the external drive with important files into the older gaming device for backup purposes. After that you will be able restore all of them onto your new gaming device

PlayStation Plus Cloud Saves

For those with a PlayStation Plus subscription looking to save or transfer their game data between multiple consoles conveniently, the cloud saves feature is an excellent option. Keep playing where you left off by transferring your saved data from one console to another using cloud storage.

LAN Data Transfer

Data can be transferred between several PS4 systems on a common local network through utilization of the LAN data transfer function, which allows for faster speed in transferring data when compared with copying it over the Internet.

Future Improvements And Possibilities

With the ongoing evolution of technology we can count on future progress in faster and more efficient copying on the PS4. Here’s a list of areas where we may expect to see progress:

Solid-State Drive (SSD) Integration

Copying times for both current and future PS4 consoles alike could be substantially reduced through the implementation of solid-state drives (SSDs). One benefit of utilizing SSDs is that it offers quicker access times as well as shorter installation and copying durations through faster data transfer speeds.

Enhanced Network Transfer Speeds

The emergence of faster internet technologies like 5G along with better broadband connections could potentially provide PS4 users with greater transfer speed for downloads and copies, thereby shortening waiting times during big game installs and updates.

Streamlined Copying Process

Efficient copying procedures could become part of future system software upgrades from Sony Significantly shortening wait times for game updates can be done through improving the current copy process via implementing background copy function or an optimized algorithm.

Automatic Background Updates

The implementation of automatic background updates is a potential future improvement. With automatic downloading and installation available for game or system software updates while using rest mode on your PS4 there’s no reason not to always be up-to-date.

Remote Data Transfer Options

Sony might investigate remote data transfer alternatives as the world becomes more interlinked. Initiating copy processes from remote locations through smartphone apps or web interfaces allows users to have games ready for play with updates on their consoles once they get back.


While waiting for files to copy on your PS4 can be annoying at times, understanding why there is a delay will allow you to navigate through the process with greater ease. To determine how long it will take to copy files accurately requires taking into account multiple factors such as disk usage or size along with network connection speed plus necessary system software updates. In order to spend even greater amounts of uninterrupted gameplay on PS4 with your favorite titles it would be advised to follow tips providing insight into addressing potential errors or setbacks during file transfers as well as looking at alternative means for moving data


Q1. During the copying process can I engage in gaming activities?

Ans: During file copying process you are not allowed to play games. However, playing games or updating your PS4 console requires that you first complete its copying process.

Q2. Is it true that upgrading my PS4 with an SSD can reduce copying time?

Ans: Improving the copying times of your PS4 is possible by upgrading it with a solid-state hard drive(SSD), as has been demonstrated. The comparison of traditional hard drives versus SSDs shows that the latter has faster data transfer speeds and quicker access times.

Q3. What is the reason behind the PS4 copying updates instead of directly installing them?

Ans: In order to guarantee that its original files remain secure and free from errors, the PS4 always copies updates rather than installs them directly. This process aids in smooth installation and prevents any loss or damage to your information.

Q4. Can copying be paused and resumed at a future point in time?

Ans: Pausing copying files is not an option available in the PS4. Therefore, using or updating the game requires that you finish copying it first.

Q5. What are some external tools or software that can be used to expedite copying on the PS4?

Ans: The copying process on PS4 cannot be expedited using any unsupported third-party tools or software. However, for maximizing your copying pace it is suggested that you follow the recommendations listed in this post.


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