What’s The Average Charging Time For A Ps4 Controller?

What's The Average Charging Time For A Ps4 Controller

Having been in this situation before ourselves as avid gamers we completely understand how frustrating it is when you run out of battery on your PS4 controller during an intense gaming session. To make sure that you have an uninterrupted gaming experience with your PS4 controller and to plan your game sessions accordingly, it’s important that you know the charging time. Our aim in writing this article is to analyze the aspects that affect charging time and furnish readers with tips on how to optimize it.

Understanding The Ps4 Controller

Taking a moment to know what exactly is a PS4 controller will help in understanding its charging time. To operate with your PlayStation four gaming system you will use DualShock Four commonly referred to as PS Four controller. The device is packed with controls like buttons, a touch pad and triggers in addition to having an integrated rechargeable battery, with its cleverly designed structure allowing for comfortable handling and accuracy during playtime.

The crucial step in maintaining the functionality of your PS4 controller is ensuring that it’s properly charged, therefore investigating the influencers of charging time would be worthwhile.

Factors Affecting The Charging Time

Battery Capacity And Health

To fully charge a PS4 controller within a reasonable timeframe relies on its battery health and storage, and PS4 controllers usually have a battery capacity of around 1000mAh.It may require a greater amount of time to reach full charge as battery health degrades with time, therefore, should there be a considerable decrease in your controller’s battery performance then perhaps replacing it is worth considering.

Charging Method

Charging Method

Your decision regarding which way to charge can affect how quickly or slowly the device charges. Charging the PS4 controller is possible in two ways: through a USB cable or with the help of a charging dock. Connecting your devices with a direct link from their respective USB cables and straight into your console will provide stable and constant energy. Conversely, a docking station permits you to charge several devices simultaneously. Nevertheless, the amount of time needed for each device’s battery life enhancement may rely on the features of that particular device and its dock

Power Source

Your choice of power source has a direct effect on how fast or slow your PS4 controller will charge. For an ideal power source for your controller, plug it into a USB port on your PlayStation 4 console since this is what it was created for. To ensure that your power source is steady using a USB wall adapter make sure to choose one with the correct wattage

Average Charging Time For A Ps4 Controller

Standard Charging Time

Assuming normal conditions are met it will take approximately 2 to 3 hours for a PS4 controller to fully charge. However, the aforementioned conditions can cause slight variations in the time required for battery recharging, so to ensure uninterrupted gameplay you need to keep charging your controller before its battery level goes down too much.

Fast Charging Options

Quickly recharging your PS4 controller is possible with fast-charging options, and you may be able to cut the amount of time it takes your device to charge in half by using select third-party chargers or compatible USB cables. That being said it is important to highlight that regularly using quick charging techniques may cause harm to the lifespan of your battery

Tips To Optimize Charging Time

Consider these tips if you want to ensure that your PS4 controller charges in an efficient manner:

Maintaining The Battery Health

Maintaining the health of your PS4 controller’s battery is essential for optimal performance; this could be helped by regular calibration to ensure efficient charging times. Calibrate your controller by filling up its entire power bank first & then using up all its charge completely prior to next charging session. By occasionally repeating this process you can ensure that the battery level readings are accurate

Using Compatible Charging Accessories

For quick and efficient battery charge it is crucial to use compatible accessories like official PS4 USB cables and docking stations. Inferior quality or unbranded accessories can lead to inadequate power supply and ultimately cause damage to the battery over a period. Third-party charging accessories that are genuine or respected should be your top choice

Avoiding Overcharging

Continuously overcharging your PS4 controller can result in reduced battery longevity and an increase in charging duration later on. As soon as your controller has fully charged disconnecting it from its power source is suggested. Leaving your controller plugged in for an extended period can harm its battery’s health

Common Questions And Troubleshooting

Can I use my PS4 controller while charging?

Feel free to keep on playing with your PS4 controller even if it’s being charged. Simply attach your controller to either a power source or console through USB cable and continue playing games as it gets charged.

Why is my PS4 controller taking longer to charge?

When the time required to charge your PS4 controller exceeds what’s typical for it then that could imply a potential problem either with its battery or the accessories used for charging. However, experimenting with a different cable or dock might enable faster charging. Should the issue persist , seeking professional aid or changing your battery could potentially resolve the matter

Is it safe to leave the controller charging overnight?

While you can usually leave your PS4 controller charging overnight without issue once in a while, regularly doing this may cause problems. Overcharging may cause a shorter lifespan for your battery. The best way to maintain your battery’s longevity is by unplugging your controller from the charger after charging has completed

What if my PS4 controller doesn’t charge at all?

The main reason why your PS 4 controller is not able to get charged could either be because of an issue in its battery, charging port or due to faulty cables. To address any problems connected with linking devices through a USB port on the console – try utilizing separate cords with several distinct ports. It’s always recommended that you reach out for further assistance if your efforts at troubleshooting are not successful, that could mean reaching out directly to Playstation customer service or consulting with an experienced technician.


Being knowledgeable about the charging duration of your PS4 controller is vital in order to have an interruption-free gaming experience. The amount of time it takes to charge depends on various factors such as battery capacity or even the type of charger used. Optimizing the charging process of a PS4 controller as well as following this advice will make sure it stays charged and is available when necessary during any of your video game explorations


Q1. Please inform me about the duration required for charging a PS4 controller.

Ans: To get a fully charged PS4 controller it generally takes about two or three hours.

Q2. Can third party chargers be used without issue when charging a PS4 controller?

Ans: As long as compatibility is assured and correct power supply capacity exists in the non-manufacturer’s charger then usage is fine.

Q3. Is it okay to use quick charging on my PS4 controller?

Ans: Utilizing fast-charging options can decrease the amount of time needed for recharging; however extensive reliance on speedy-charging alternatives may negatively impact your battery’s durability.

Q4. Are there any benefits to calibrating the battery for a PS4 controller?

Ans: Optimizing charging time is possible by making sure that a device’s battery stays healthy which can be achieved through calibration.

Q5. My PS4 controller’s battery is draining quickly – is there a solution for this?

Ans: To restore optimal performance of your PS4 controller when the battery life starts falling noticeably ,you should consider upgrading or replacing it.


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