PS4 Controller Not Charging: No Light? Diagnosing The Problem

ps4 controller not charging no light

Your PS4 controller doesn’t seem to be charging, although you can charge the device by connecting it to your console or a USB charger cord, but even then there will be no glowing light indicating its status. Even in frustrating situations, you can remain calm and unafraid as our article will cover possible reasons for this issue and equip you with practical steps to get your controller charging again.

To fully immerse oneself in the world of games having a PlayStation 4 (PS4) controller is indispensable, however, charging problems are often encountered. Should your PS4 controller be failing to charge with no discernible light it is important to understand that there may be a variety of different issues causing the problem

Some Common Causes:

Making Sense of the Problem: Unable to Charge PS4 Controller and No Indicator Present
To troubleshoot effectively it’s essential to have a good grasp of what could potentially be causing the issue. There could be several explanations as to why your PS4 controller won’t charge or provide any light signals. Exploring the common causes will be beneficial:

Battery Issues

It is possible that the issue arose as a result of a deficient or failing battery. However, the more you use it the less it holds; this stands true for a battery whose charging abilities get weaker with time. Besides if there is any damage caused physically onto the battery this may lead into its inability of getting recharged rightly

Charging Cable Problems

Damaged or defective charging cables can also lead to problems. Ineffectiveness in power transmission can occur when using a frayed or broken cable which results in an unsuccessful attempt at charging. To avoid risks and ensure safety, it’s important to carefully examine the cable for any visible signs of damage.

Console Or USB Port Malfunction

If you’re having trouble charging your controller it could be due to a defective console or an unsuitable USB port. When a port is malfunctioning it can interfere with transmitting power effectively thereby preventing or hindering charging.

Firmware Or Software Glitches

Problems related to software might also be responsible for issues with charging, such as a lack of response when attempting to charge, which may occur if there is outdated firmware or software on either your gaming console or its controller.

Troubleshooting Steps

Having recognized potential sources of error, it is time to examine possible steps for addressing the PS4 controller charging issue with no light. Until you find a resolution, proceed with these actions in order.

Step 1: Checking The Charging Cable And USB Port

The initial inspection should be focused on checking for visible damages on the charging cable. It is important to check that it is securely connected to both the controller and USB port. In case of suspicion of a damaged cable , attempt using an alternative one for charging your controller

Step 2: Resetting The Controller

If you need to do a soft reset on your PS4 gamepad then look for and use its small hole that’s located at its back. Push in either a small pin or paperclip into the opening and grip it there briefly. You may be able to resolve minor software glitches that are causing your device to not charge by resetting it

Step 3: Updating Firmware And Software

Check that you have installed the most recent firmware and software updates for both your PS4 console as well as its controller, manufacturers commonly issue updates that address various problems like ones pertaining to charging. Make sure you connect your controller with a USB cable to begin upgrading console firmware as soon as possible

Step 4: Trying A Different Charging Method

Examine alternative chargers if your current charger fails. If connectivity problems persist between your PS4 and its controller then consider swapping the USB ports they use otherwise get a charger dock that is especially designed for these types of controllers. It might be helpful to experiment with diverse methods of charging in order to determine whether or not there are issues with the console’s USB port

Step 5: Checking For Physical Damage

Examine the controller carefully to look for any physical harm like loosened or broken components, and check everything closely including both the charging port and battery along with any internal connections. Spotting any visible damage on the controller may require seeking professional assistance or considering its replacement

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

More complex methods of fixing a non-charging PS4 controller without any indicator light can be considered if simple fixes do not work.

Checking Battery Health

Using third-party tools and/or specialized software is an effective way to verify the battery health status of your PS4 Controller, as the use of these tools enables one to gain insights into the condition of a battery including its overall health and current capacity. In cases where batteries have severely degraded replacement may be necessary

Replacing The Battery

When you’re knowledgeable in electronics and confident to take apart a PS4 controller – replacing its battery becomes a possibility. However, ensuring safety while replacing your battery requires buying a genuine replacement battery and following comprehensive guidelines or tutorials.

Seeking Professional Assistance

If you cannot fix the charging problem even after trying all alternative methods and cannot deal with it on your own, consult professionals for their opinion. You can get expert assistance for diagnosing and repairing your controller by reaching out to either Sony’s customer support or an authorized service center.

Preventive Measures

By following these preventive measures for your PS4 controller you can avoid running into any potential charging problems later on.

Using Genuine Charging Accessories

Always opt for authentic charging accessories to guarantee the smooth operation of your PS4 controller. Using original cables and chargers is recommended to avoid experiencing any charging issues as some third-party alternatives might lack the necessary power or compatibility.

Regularly Updating Firmware And Software

Never fall behind on Sony’s firmware or software updates because they often contain improvements that fix common issues like those associated with charging.

Proper Storage And Handling Of The Controller

Make certain that you store your PS4 controller in an area that is both dry and doesn’t receive direct sunlight along with avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures. Careful handling of the controller is necessary so as not to cause any damage which could potentially impact its charging abilities.


It can be irritating when a PS4 controller does not charge while showing no light, but don’t let this put an end to all the fun of gaming. Being aware of the common root causes of this issue and implementing recommended troubleshooting measures will usually solve the problem enabling you to continue playing games without any additional interruptions. Make it a point to protect against any potential problems with charging by taking preventive measures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Even when I plug in my PS4 controller it still will not charge.

A1. This issue may be caused by several factors like a damaged charging cable or malfunctioning USB port in addition to some software glitches. To pinpoint and resolve the problem make use of the guidance given in this article

Q2. How long will it take to completely charge a PS4 Controller?

A2 and most often it takes about 2 to 3 hours for the battery of a PS4 Controller completely charged after being drained.

Q3. Is it safe to charge my PS4 remote with a cellphone charger?

A3. To avoid any damage to the PS4 controller, do not use a mobile phone charger while charging it. It is possible for conflicting voltage and current demands to lead to destruction of controller or an elongated battery-charging procedure

Q4. Are different USB cables compatible with charging my PS4 controller?

A4. Trying out a separate USB cable is worth considering if you have doubts about the present one being flawed when charging your PS4 controller. Verify whether both controller and cable are well-matched in terms of compatibility as well as adequate power supply

Q5. Is it safe to constantly have my PS4 controller plugged into a power outlet?

A5. Keeping your PS4 controller connected constantly is typically frowned upon. Prevent damage to your controller’s battery by disconnecting it once fully charged as this can lead to overcharging.


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