How To Disconnect A Ps4 Controller From A Ps4?

How To Disconnect A Ps4 Controller From A Ps4?

Release of the PlayStation 4(PS4) Gaming Console has made it immensely popular, and the ability to game wirelessly is just one standout feature that makes the PS4’s controller so impressive. In certain cases, you may need to separate your PS4 controller from the console in order to resolve connection problems or switch controllers. To unpair your PS4 controller from your console follow these simple steps outlined in our article.

Understanding The Ps4 Controller

To begin with let’s take a brief look at what exactly the PS4 Controller is before we start taking steps towards disconnecting it. The PlayStation 4’s official gamepad called the DualShock 4 is wirelessly connected with the console via Bluetooth technology. Gamers can enjoy unparalleled immersion in their play thanks to the various buttons, triggers, and touch-sensitive controls incorporated into this device’s ergonomically designed shell

Disconnecting The Controller Wirelessly

In case you want to go for a wireless way of disconnection for your PS4 controller here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Access The Ps4 Home Menu

Double check that your PS4 system has been turned on and you have reached the Home Menu screen.

Step 2: Navigate To The “Settings” Menu

Select/click on the Settings icon that resembles a toolbox after using your controller’s directional pad to navigate towards the right.

Step 3: Select “Devices”

To get to your device options scroll through the Settings menu until you reach Devices.

Step 4: Choose “Bluetooth Devices”

Within the “Devices” menu, choose the “Bluetooth Devices” option.

Step 5: Highlight The Controller To Disconnect

All the current Bluetooth connections can be found in a listed format, identify the specific PS4 controller that needs to be disconnected and highlight it.

Step 6: Press The “Options” Button

Simply press the Options button present on the right side of touchpad in your controller.

Step 7: Select “Forget Device”

The drop-down menu has many options that you can choose from, so opt for Forget Device to release the controller from its connection with PS4.

Disconnecting The Controller With A Usb Cable

For those who would rather use a USB cord than go wireless when unplugging their PS4 controllers here are the steps:

Step 1: Power Off The Ps4 Console

Always turn off the PS4 console before performing any maintenance. Pressing down on the console’s main power switch located at its forepart is all it takes.

Step 2: Connect The Controller Via USB

Get your PS4 controller connected by taking a USB cable and plugging it in. The other side can be inserted into any available USB port on your PS4 console.

Step 3: Power On The Ps4 Console

You can turn on your PS4 by pressing its prominent power button located in the front.

Step 4: Wait For The Controller To Sync

Give it a moment so that the PS4 console can recognize and sync with the controller attached, and the indication of a successful connection will be shown through a notification.

Step 5: Disconnect The USB Cable

Both ends of the USB cable can be unplugged from PS4 console and controller once they are synced Now there is a wireless connection between the controller and PS4 console

Troubleshooting Tips

Experiencing difficulties trying to disconnect your PS4 controller? Check out these helpful troubleshooting tips:

Tip 1: Ensure The Controller Is Charged

Before using it make sure that the battery level of your PS4 controller is high, as when the battery is low it can result in poor connectivity.

Tip 2: Restart The Ps4 Console

Sometimes just a simple step like restarting your PS4 console can help, while temporary glitches can be resolved by refreshing the system.

Tip 3: Reset The Controller

When all else fails and your PS4 controller misbehaves itself then just reset it. To locate it easily check out for a minute gap at the rear end of your controller near L2.Push in a small pin or paperclip into the hole and keep holding it for several seconds, to restore the controller’s factory setting you need to perform a reset.


The process of separating the PS4 control unit from its console is simple and can be accomplished using wireless technology or a USB cord. By following the instructions outlined in this article, you can quickly switch controllers or identify and fix any issues related to connectivity without any hassle. Use this guide to quickly unpair your PS4 controller from the console and resume playing games stress-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What happens if I disconnect the PS4 controller while playing a game?

Ans: You are able to remove the PS4 controller during gameplay The game may stop if you don’t save before disconnecting so always make sure to do so.

Q2. Will disconnecting the PS4 controller reset its settings?

Ans: It’s incorrect to assume that unplugging your PS4 controller from your console will reset its settings. No changes will occur to the configurations or preferences saved on the controller.

Q3. How many PS4 controllers can be connected simultaneously with the same console?

Ans: A single Playstation 4 console can accommodate various connected controllers, through this feature you can have a great time playing games locally with your dear ones.

Q4. What indicates that the PS4 controller has been disconnected?

Ans: The connection between your PS4 controller and console through Bluetooth gets disconnected once you remove it and thus won’t be shown as a connected device.

Q5. After disconnecting the PS4 controller can I connect it again?

Ans: If you follow the correct steps for either connecting wirelessly or via USB cable then your PS4 controller can be reconnected.