2022 Ford Explorer Platinum 3.3l V6 Hybrid Suv | Model Details & Specs

2022 ford explorer platinum 3.3l v6 hybrid suv

Learn about the specs and features of the new 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum 3, the three-liter V6 hybrid SUV.

Overview of the Ford Explorer Platinum.

Luxury meets power in the top-tier Ford Explorer Platinum SUV and a blend of luxurious aesthetics and cutting-edge engineering combined with a powerful hybrid powertrain provides an unmatched automotive journey.

Introducing the Hybrid Powertrain Technology.

A combination of both gasoline engine and electric motor is seamlessly achieved through the use of the impressive 3L V6 hybrid powertrain equipped on the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum. Enjoy an uninterrupted drive with the optimized performance of this hybrid system that delivers maximum fuel efficiency

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency.

The 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum comes equipped with a hybrid powertrain providing both excellent performance and fuel efficiency, when using both a V6 engine and an electric motor in concert for accelerating confidently on highways yields plenty of power without sacrificing fuel economy or environmentally friendly performance due to their hybrid technology.

Exquisite Design and Interior Features.

Explorer’s platinum edition excels in its bold and dynamic exterior design, creating a commanding presence with the perfect combination of sculpted body lines complemented by a distinctive grille and enhanced by first-class accents. Its superior attention to detail in every aspect of its design make it unmistakable when seen on the road

Luxurious Cabin and Comfort.

Stepping into the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum greets you with an enormous and lavish cabin, creating an elevated experience achieved by using luxurious materials alongside skillful workmanship and superior finishing. The comfortable cushioning of the car’s seats makes them ideal for long distances

Versatile Seating and Cargo Space.

With its ability to seat up to seven passengers and an option for captain’s chairs in the second row for increased comfort, The Explorer Platinum is a great choice. Additionally, a versatile cargo area that accommodates bigger objects is created by folding down the third-row seats with the simple push of a button.

Advanced Technology and Infotainment.

Cutting-edge Infotainment System.

With its state-of-the-art infotainment system that ensures connectivity and entertainment on-the-go, the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum is an excellent choice, accessing navigation functions along with your phone’s media content has never been simpler than with the large interactive screen which offers an array of multimedia management tools. A friendly user experience is made possible by the incorporation of voice commands and intuitive interfaces

Connectivity and Smart Features.

Apple CarPlay along with Android Auto and FordPass Connect are just some of the ways we keep our drivers always connected, making use of hands-free calling options while also streaming music or accessing various applications through a seamlessly integrated experience with your smartphone. With so many convenience features like wireless charging and multiple USB ports available along with its built-in Wi-Fi hotspot The Explorer Platinum is perfect for people who value staying connected

Enhanced Safety and Driver-Assist Technologies.

Safety has been given utmost importance while designing and building the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum, and you’ll find that it has the Ford Co-P system installed.

ilot360™ comprises a full range of cutting-edge driver-assistance systems, and features like the Blind Spot Information System enhance awareness and assist in avoiding potential dangerous situations while driving.

Unleashing the Power of the Hybrid Engine.

Hybrid Powertrain Explained.

The powerful hybrid powertrain in the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum is made up of an electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack that work in tandem with a large 3.3L V6 engine. This combination results in an effective distribution of energy enabling seamless transitioning between petrol and electrical sources which helps improve overall fuel efficiency

Fuel Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Performance.

Impressive fuel efficiency can be attributed to the use of hybrid technology in designing the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum as compared to other SUVs. With assistance from an electric motor, both overall fuel consumption and harmful gas discharge are reduced. Environmental mindfulness does not mean you need to settle on quality

Smooth and Responsive Hybrid Driving Experience.

Enjoy a refined and seamless driving experience in the Explorer Platinum with its advanced hybrid powertrain, which allows for quick acceleration due to the electric motor’s instant torque. A switch between electricity and gasoline fuel sources happens seamlessly which leads to an uninterrupted ride experience without any decrease in performance

Unrivaled Performance and Handling.

Engine Specifications and Power Output.

Experience exceptional performance from the hybrid powertrain in the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum and confidently accelerate or pass with ease thanks to the powerful combination of a 3.3L V6 engine and electric motor

Intelligent 4WD System.

The performance of Explorer Platinum in diverse driving situations is taken to another level with its ingenious four-wheel drive (4WD) technology that heightens grip and stability. No matter if you’re driving through slippery roads or exploring rough terrain paths – the 4WD system ensures improved control and confidence.

Suspension and Handling Capabilities.

With its advanced suspension technology, the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum delivers a composed yet comfortable ride with precise handling. The ride is incredibly smooth and well-controlled thanks to its faultless ability to absorb any imperfections on the roads. Experience a satisfying drive whether you’re cruising through highways or navigating busy streets with the Explorer Platinum.

Innovative Safety Features.

Ford Co-Pilot360™: Comprehensive Safety Suite.

With Ford Co-Pilot360™ equipped as standard feature set in the Explorer platinum, we ensure your convenience and peace of mind. This involves advanced safety technologies such as Blind Spot Information system coupled with Pre-Collision Assist technology. Working collaboratively with each other these features bolster safety measures and give a greater sense of security for drivers

Advanced Driver-Assist Features.

Alongside Ford Co-Pilot360™ capability that is included by default in every car model, being an upscale version the Explorer offers a plethora of enhanced driving assistance solutions. You will find that the package includes both adaptive cruise control and automatic high beams as well as an advanced 360-degree camera system. Decreasing tiredness in drivers and increasing their ability to understand situations better are the outcomes of using these features which ultimately lead to greater safety

Safety Ratings and Crash Test Results.

Safety was prioritized during the rigorous testing of the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum and the vehicle has been rated highly by independent safety organizations due to its excellent performance in crash tests. These awards illustrate how committed the Explorer Platinum is to safeguarding riders in a variety of circumstances

Exploring Trim Levels and Options.

You can select from various trims when purchasing the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum
From unique ability to exclusive features, various trims besides Platinum are available for the 2022 Ford Explorer. While exploring, you will get to know the different trims available such as XLT, Limited, and ST.

Our assortment of trim levels gives you the flexibility to select features based on what fits best with both your style and financial plan.

Optional Packages and Customization.

You can make your Explorer Platinum uniquely yours by choosing from the variety of optional packages and standalone options provided by Ford. Included in these packages are upgraded wheels alongside features such as premium audio systems and a panoramic sunroof. Consult your local licensed dealership or go online to ford.com for accurate and current information regarding vehicle inventory levels and pricing

Pricing and Value for Money.

While other non-hybrid models may have a lower starting cost than the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum, this vehicle is still an excellent value for your money. Get ready to experience the ultimate combination of luxury and efficiency in an SUV with the Explorer Platinum’s top-notch safety features and hybrid technology.

Summary: Embracing Luxury and Efficiency.

The luxurious yet powerful ride delivered by the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum 3L V6 Hybrid SUV represents a harmonious combination of performance and efficiency.This vehicle ensures a memorable drive with its standout design elements paired with vast interior space as well as state-of-the-art technology and pioneering security features, and the car’s eco-friendly choice in a hybrid-power enabled machine keeps up with high-performance levels. The best way to go on a memorable family adventure or smoothly navigate through the busy streets of the city is by taking along an Explorer Platinum!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How does the hybrid powertrain in the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum work?

The Hybrid Powertrain in the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum is composed of three parts – a 3 L V6 Engine along with an Electric Motor and Lithium-Ion Battery Pack. Harmoniously striving for maximum power while minimizing fuel consumption is what makes this partnership between the engine and electric motor so effective

When moving slowly or in a coasting state, this car is powered by an engine that runs exclusively on electricity. However, extra propulsion during acceleration or hill-climbing is provided by the gasoline engine.

To charge the Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, it uses Regenerative Braking and captures Energy that would’ve otherwise gone to waste. The electric motor is fueled by the stored energy which results in improved fuel economy and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

2. What is the fuel efficiency of the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum 3?3L V6 Hybrid SUV?

– One cannot ignore the great mpg rating that comes with driving a 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum. In both city and highway driving this car achieves an estimated EPA-rated X miles per gallon and Y miles per gallon respectively.

By employing both an electric motor and a gasoline engine that can be switched seamlessly between each other by the hybrid powertrain allows maximum optimization in terms of fuel consumption for the vehicle, which sets apart this innovation from conventional gas-based SUV alternatives.

– Your real-life gas mileage will vary depending on a number of different factors like your habits behind the wheel and weather patterns.

3. What are some notable safety features in the Ford Explorer Platinum?

Thanks to its top-of-the-line safety features, the Ford Explorer Platinum provides reassurance to drivers as well as their companions. Additionally, Ford Co-Pilot 360 ™ is not only a prominent feature but also includes other essential features such as Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®), Lane Keeping System, and Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking for your safety.

You can enjoy a safe drive because the car is equipped with features like Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control coupled with Enhanced Active Park Assist. Moreover, Advanced Trac® enhances Roll Stability Control™ while multiple airbags will keep you protected if anything goes wrong.

4 Can I customize my 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum with additional features?

Certainly! You have a range of customization opportunities when it comes to the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum and its various features offered by Ford. There are numerous standalone upgrade options available that you can choose from along with different package deals in order to customize your ride.

– Some common customization options

Our package deal comprises of several options including upgraded wheels and an enhanced audio system as well as a comfortable leather interior with a panoramic roof. Additionally, we offer specialized technological accessories like towing equipment. It’s advised that you connect with your nearest Ford dealership or browse through their official site for up-to-date pricing and alternatives

5 and what are the available trim levels for the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum?

– The highest-level configuration for an explorer can be found in 2022 with their platinum model Despite this fact ,other types of trims can be found that offer unique properties and functions.

– Three trims namely XLT, Limited & ST make up the configuration list available for purchase when it comes to owning a 2022 Ford Explorer. While those seeking best-in-class experience at an affordable price can opt for XLT, one who wouldn’t mind splurging extra on luxury can go ahead with buying a high-end limited variant. Enthusiasts will find exactly what they are looking for in a car with the sporty and high-performing ST trim