2022 Ford Explorer Platinum 3.3l V6 Hybrid 4wd SUV

2022 ford explorer platinum 3.3l v6 hybrid 4wd suv

Exploring the remarkable features of the 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum 3.3L V6 Hybrid 4WD SUV.

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Information regarding the Ford Explorer’s Platinum model overview.

The 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum is the epitome of luxury and capability within the SUV classification. Numerous advanced features and modern technologies are provided in the highest trim level of the Ford Explorer lineup to enhance the driving experience.

The benefits of using a hybrid powertrain.

At the heart of Explorer Platinum lies its impressive 3.3L V6 hybrid engine. This hybrid powertrain combines a gasoline engine with both an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. The fuel efficiency is augmented while the emission of pollutants is reduced by the implementation of hybrid technology. It becomes a viable choice for sustainability.

The importance of 4WD capabilities in SUVs.

The sturdy 4WD system of the Explorer Platinum enhances its off-road performance. Whether you are navigating challenging terrain or facing adverse weather conditions, the ideal grip, stability, and control are ensured by the 4WD system. The assurance to conquer any challenge presented by your journey is obtained.

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

A powerful 3.3L V6 configuration drives the hybrid engine.

Under its hood, the Explorer Platinum boasts a sturdy 3.3L V6 hybrid engine. This engine’s balance between performance and efficiency is impeccable. An exhilarating driving experience is attained by merging the advantages of a petrol engine and an electric motor.

The power and torque figures of the Explorer Platinum in 2.2 are stated below:

An impressive horsepower rating of [insert horsepower figure] can be achieved by the Explorer Platinum. Its gasoline engine and electric motor collaborate to make this achievable. Furthermore, the [insert torque figure] is the standing torque value. This ample power ensures effortless overtaking and a smooth acceleration on the road.

Characteristics that enhance fuel economy and are eco-friendly.

The Explorer Platinum’s hybrid characteristics enable it to attain exceptional fuel efficiency. By intelligently using electric power and optimizing the gasoline engine, impressive mileage figures are attained. Furthermore, the integration of features like regenerative braking enhances energy preservation, while also enhancing efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Infotainment

SYNC 4 infotainment system and the characteristics it possesses.

The advanced SYNC 4 infotainment system comes as standard in the Explorer Platinum. Seamless smartphone integration and intuitive controls are offered by this cutting-edge system. Furthermore, it grants entry to an extensive scope of amusement, direction, and interconnection characteristics. Easily stay entertained and connected while traveling.

The touchscreen display is intuitive and the device offers various connectivity options.

The Explorer Platinum’s interior highlights a high-quality touchscreen display with exceptional resolution. You can easily explore menus, modify settings, and reach different functionalities through the user-friendly interface. The SUV is equipped with various connectivity choices, which comprise Bluetooth, USB ports, and wireless charging that can be made available. Your devices will always be prepared for usage with this.

Advanced systems that assist drivers, also known as ADAS.

With its advanced driver-assistance systems, safety is given utmost priority in the Explorer Platinum. An additional level of safety is ensured by characteristics such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking. You can rely on their help to stay attentive and in charge while driving.

Spacious interior and luxurious comfort.

The interior design features premium leather upholstery.

Step inside the Explorer Platinum, Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by an opulent and sophisticated indoor setting. An atmosphere of sophistication and comfort is established by the superior quality leather upholstery, exceptional artistry, and careful consideration to details. Each drive transforms into a genuinely luxurious encounter.

An ample room is provided for both passengers and cargo.

Both passengers and cargo can enjoy ample space in the Explorer Platinum. Up to seven passengers can ride comfortably in it as it has three rows of seating. Moreover, adaptable seating arrangements enable you to adjust to diverse requirements. Additionally, there’s a generous storage compartment for carrying individuals or transporting possessions available.

4.3: Features that enhance driving comfort and convenience for a superior experience while driving.

The Explorer Platinum from Ford has been furnished with numerous features for comfort and convenience. Each aspect, from the heated and aired seats to the panoramic sunroof and collapsible third-row seats, is meticulously crafted to amplify your ease and practicality. This sentence is already complete and splitting it into two sentences is unnecessary. Indulge in a deluxe driving encounter with considerate features conveniently accessible to you.

Enhanced safety characteristics provide assurance and tranquility.

The suite of safety technologies is known as Ford Co-Pilot360.

The set of safety technologies known as Ford Co-Pilot360 is included in the Explorer Platinum. Included in this extensive system are functionalities such as automated emergency braking, monitoring of blind spots, alerts for cross-traffic behind the vehicle, and a camera that provides a view of the rear. Navigating with confidence and staying protected on the road are made possible by these advanced safety features.

Systems and alerts for avoiding collisions.

The Explorer Platinum utilizes intelligent collision avoidance systems to further improve safety. By utilizing sensors and cameras, these mechanisms identify potential dangers and furnish prompt notifications to aid you in evading mishaps. Remain vigilant of your environment and reduce the chances of encountering any collisions.

Adaptive cruise control and the assistance of keeping the lane are available in version 5.3.

The adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist features of the Explorer Platinum make long drives more comfortable and less tiring. The vehicle ahead is kept at a safe distance by adaptive cruise control. The feature of lane-keeping assist assists in keeping your vehicle within the boundaries of your lane. Highway driving becomes more convenient and safer with the use of these technologies.

Exterior Design and Styling

Aesthetic appeal and impactful appearance.

With its attention-grabbing exterior design, the Explorer Platinum commands notice. A commanding presence is created on the road by its sleek lines, sculpted body, and aggressive front grille. Create a daring declaration with an SUV that radiates assurance and elegance.

The design of the grille and LED lighting features a distinct signature.

The visibility is improved while giving a modern touch thanks to the signature LED lighting on the Explorer Platinum. Instant recognition is guaranteed thanks to the SUV’s upscale character complemented by its distinctive grille design. The Explorer Platinum catches one’s eye due to its meticulousness.

Various choices of colors and customization options are at your disposal.

The Explorer Platinum from Ford comes with various color choices available. You can customize your SUV according to your taste and choices. There is a color choice available that will enhance the Explorer Platinum’s aesthetics and mirror your character, regardless of whether you favor refined and sophisticated tones or daring and lively hues. The most suitable option can be selected by you.

Unleashing the Off-Road Capabilities

The Intelligent 4WD system is designed for exploring all types of terrain.

You’ll be ready for off-road expeditions with the Explorer Platinum’s smart 4WD technology. This SUV enables you to easily overcome diverse terrains by offering enhanced traction control, hill descent control, and specific off-road drive modes. Challenging roads do not impede your ability to experience a trouble-free journey. Explore the vast outdoors confidently by unleashing your sense of adventure.

The Terrain Management System and drive modes that can be selected are features of 7.2.

By employing the Terrain Management System, the off-road abilities of Explorer Platinum are elevated to a higher level. You can choose from various drive modes using it. The vehicle’s performance is optimized according to the terrain conditions through the modes of Mud/Ruts, Sand and Snow. No matter the off-road scenario, this system guarantees utmost grip, management and assurance.

7.3: The ability to tow and prevent trailer sway.

The Explorer Platinum offers remarkable capabilities for individuals requiring towing services. It can confidently pull trailers, boats, or recreational vehicles with a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. The feature of integrated trailer sway control assists in upholding steadiness and management during towing, guaranteeing a secured and regulated towing familiarity.


The 4WD SUV Ford Explorer Platinum 3.3L V6 Hybrid of 2022 provides a triumphant blend of advanced technologies, performance, and luxury. It establishes novel benchmarks in the SUV category with its hybrid powertrain, advanced characteristics, and ability to traverse off-road terrain. If you are searching for a cozy means of transport suitable for the entire family, an off-road adventurer with impressive capabilities, or an elegant and refined SUV, we have got you covered. The Explorer Platinum is all set to surpass your anticipations. Discover the might and distinction of the Explorer Platinum and enhance your driving expeditions to unprecedented levels.